Frontier Company

Frontier is a provider of metal machinery parts, and supply chain management services, metal machinery parts with more comprehensive, manufacturing, and resource management capabilities, as well as excellent experience in supply chain management, mainly for customers in Europe and America, as well as well-known domestic high-tech enterprises such as PMP, Emporia, Nov Nordesk, and well-known supply chain associations, as well as domestic and foreign hardware and machinery industry association (ISMHK,CSCMP,SZMA) has good relations of cooperation. 
Company in ShenZhen headquarters is management, sales and the financial center, including more staff has better engineering background, professional design and production worker, and in well-known foreign-funded enterprises engaged in procurement and sales work years of excellent talent and MBA management talent, currently in Shenzhen, to has own production plant multiple associated and the strategy cooperation factory, the factory are has in the industry engaged in number years of experience rich of engineer more staff member, and has advanced of test detection equipment and variety automation, and high precision production equipment, while we and professional 3PL (third party logistics) Companies have good cooperative relations, excellent integration of manufacturing resources and our ability to ensure the quality of our products, delivery, price, technology and services to fully meet customer`s needs. 


  • Open Communication and action.3
  • Work with Integrity and commitment & maintain quality assurance.
  • Accountability for time & money.
  • High Level Professional Competence and responsibility.
  • Continuous improvement in Performance
  • Demonstrate agility in new challenges.


We have diversified know how and experience of Various segments of Industries as follows:

Home Appliances - 15 years
Automotive Components -15 years
CNC machine-10 years
Medical Components - 10 years
Electronics/ Electrical Enclosures - 10 years